Geek Each Week #20: Ultraman!

Geek Each Week #20: Ultraman!

This week we'll be geeking on the Ultraman franchise. Given our fairly limited knowledge, we'll be discussing our time with Ultraman X, Ultraman Orb, and what we look forward to as we head into Ultraman Geed next month. Huge thanks to places like Crunchyroll and TOKU for bringing Ultraman stateside for the world to see. We hope our discussion can encourage some people to jump in. Next Week's Topic: Transformers: The Last Knight! --- You can catch us on Twitter (@GeekEachWeek), Facebook (@GeekEachWeek), or drop us a line at! --- You can download the enhanced M4A of the show with album art and chapter titles at this mirror link here. Alternatively, you can download a standard MP3 of the show here.

Duration: 2 hr 6 min

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