Geek Each Week #100-S: 1990 TMNT Commentary!

Geek Each Week #100-S: 1990 TMNT Commentary!

So a while back we hit our 100th episode, and much like we did a Transformers: The Movie commentary episode, we wanted to do another commentary episode for the 100th. Unfortunately, due to scheduling problems, the movie being removed from streaming platforms, and not having a DVD in my recording location for the longest time, it just wasn't something we can do. That problem has finally resolved, and we're finally able to deliver our promised TMNT commentary track. 2020 marks the 30th Anniversary of the film, and with celebrations from the cast, as well as some amazing figures from NECA, I'm glad we are able to release this. Note that to get the full enjoyment of this episode, you should be watching along with us! Unfortunately, the movie still doesn't appear to be on any streaming services, but hopefully, you can find a way to watch. --- You can catch us on Twitter (@GeekEachWeek), Facebook (@GeekEachWeek), or drop us a line at!

Duration: 2 hr 19 min

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