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Good Society: Peaks and Peccadillos (Session 4)

Good Society: Peaks and Peccadillos (Session  4)

This is a run of Good Society, a storygame of Regency romance and social manoeuvring in the vein of Jane Austen by Vee Hendro and Hayley Gordon of Storybrewers. This game is arranged through the Gauntlet Calendar. You can learn more about the Gauntlet online RPG group at This includes information on the Gauntlet produced podcasts, Codex - an RPG magazine for indie games from OSR to story games, and signing up for games advertised on the calendar. Also, check out the forums at to chat and say hi! Lady Abigail has a hear-to-heart with Isaac about her future, marriage, and her desire for revenge. At Gracefield House news arrives of a substantial inheritance for Nathaniel, while Eva has difficulties in securing a dowry. Meanwhile rumours begin to spread about the time Isaac and Lempster have been spending together following the brawl. And news from the continent reveals Abigail's father may be close at hand...

Duration: 2 hr 31 min

Release Date:

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