Where In The World Is John Life?

Where In The World Is John Life?

Hello there General Salami. Another week and another round of rock solid Gapless Playback music picks. This week brings reggae (yes more reggae, we can’t help ourselves sometimes), rockin jams from the Czech Republic and some cult rock that definitely has nothing at all to do with the devil. Fills your glasses with wine friends, again and again. CONTACT US We want to help you find new music, we want to hear your recommendations and we want to help your music get heard. Email, DM, snail mail, smoke single or whatever you want us your recommendations! Insta: @GaplessPlaybackPodcast Twitter: GaplessPodcast Email: GAPLESS PATREON Check out our Patreon and join the Gapless Playback squad! Our Patreon is the go spot to see behind the scenes action, patron only playlists and receive deep discounts on merch we release. Also, stickers.  Stop by and join the Gapless Playback fam at PLAYLISTS All of the songs from this episode: Here are the albums we listened to for this episode, including some we didn’t include on the show: All the albums we have ever listened to on the Gapless Playback journey:   This week's music: John Life/ Fly Away/ John Life 2015 Church of the Cosmic Skull/ Everybody’s Going To Die/ 2019 Septaphonic Records Greynbownes/ Grey Rainbow From Bones/ 2018 Greynbownes Dead Cells/ Demo 2018/ 2018 Neon Taste Records Sensi Trails/ Celebration/ 2020 Roots Musician Records ---- Thank you again for listening! If you want to join us on your own one album a day journey, even if it is just for a week or a month, drop us a line and let us know how it is going! Insta @gaplessplaybackpodcast Twitter @gaplesspodcast   Seriously, send us your music. We want to feature it.

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