Grandma's Mop Bucket

Grandma's Mop Bucket

Welcome to lucky Week 13! Did you know some buildings don't have a 13th floor because it is considered to be bad luck? Who even makes that decision? We wade through the muck and bring you the best takes from a week of high quality melancholy music. Men wearing tights, a singer who only sings in one key and a darn fine Irish rapper are in store for you on this one.  ---- Send us your music recommendations, thoughts, comments, questions, haiku's and crudely drawn music art to or DM us on Instargram @GaplessPlaybackPodcast where we post the music that we listen to every day. If you have an album you want us to include on the show send it on over to us and feel free to include a mini review and we may feature it on the show! This week's music and links to buy/listen: ---- Slow Hollows / Romantic 2017 Danger Collective Amazon Apple Bandcamp    Alex Lilly / 2% Milk 2019 Me Records Amazon Apple Bandcamp   Andrew Switft / Call Out for the Calvary 2018 Social Family Records Amazon Bandcamp    Mark Morton / Anesthetic 2019 Spinefarm Records UK Amazon Apple    Craig Finn / I Need a New War 2019 Partisan Records Amazon Apple Bandcamp   Emerson Lake and Palmer / Brain Salad Surgery 1973 BMG Rights Management Amazon Apple   Kojaque / Deli Daydreams 2018 Soft Boy Records Amazon Apple ---- Spotify Playlists! We have a ton of Spotify playlists to keep you up to the minute with Gapless Playback: All of the songs from this week: Spotify All of the Gapless Playback Year One Music on Spotify ---- Thank you again for listening! If you want to join us on your own one album a day journey, even if it is just for a week or a month, drop us a line and let us know how it is going!

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