21 Shticks

21 Shticks

WELCOME BACK JACK! Or whatever your name is. We remind everyone immediately that this show contains explicit language. Music this week includes brazilian pop music, the future of rock n roll whether you like it or not and a new release from one of our favorite rap duos from last year. GAPLESS PATREON Check out our Patreon and join the Gapless Playback squad! Our Patreon is the go to place to submit music to us for the show and get access to extra content and shenanigans. Also, stickers.  Stop by and join the Gapless Playback fam at PLAYLISTS All of the songs from this episode: Here are the albums we listened to for this episode, including some we didn’t include on the show: All the albums we have ever listened to on the Gapless Playback journey: GRAM AND EMAIL Send us your thoughts, comments, questions, haiku's and crudely drawn music art to or DM us on Instargram @GaplessPlaybackPodcast where we post the music that we listen to every day. This week's music: City Morgue/City Morgue Vol 2: As Good As Dead/2019 Republic Records The Expendables/Gone Raw/2019 Ineffable Records Sessa/Grandeza/2019 Boiled Records Empath/Active Listening: night on earth/2019 Get Better Records Backxwash/Deviancy/2019 Grimalkin Records Dreezy/Big Dreez/2019 Interscope The Movement/Ways of the World/2019 The Movement Bilmuri/Rich Sips/ 2019 Johnny Franck Productions Kreayshawn/TOBM/2019 Kreayshawn ---- Thank you again for listening! If you want to join us on your own one album a day journey, even if it is just for a week or a month, drop us a line and let us know how it is going!  

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