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G2G #28 | The Idea is Simple...the work is hard!

G2G #28 | The Idea is Simple...the work is hard!

You can play on a travel team and spend thousands of dollars.  You can play every year since you were 5 and you can take lessons every week but eventually, your success will be based on that time you spend working hard on your craft.  In the heat and the cold.  Inside or outside.  Fancy equipment or not.  It doesn't matter.  It is the work you do on your own that matters!  It is hard and it takes away from your tv time or friends time or social media.  It is lonely and it can be boring but without it, you can't truly achieve those dreams you have down deep inside you.   Does hard work guarantee success?  Not at all, but the lack of it will certainly contribute to your lack of success.   It is YOUR responsibility.  your work your dream.  You find a way to do the work it takes to succeed!

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