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Ep 176 - 2021 Infrastructure Bill Break Down

Ep 176 - 2021 Infrastructure Bill Break Down

In this special episode of Game Changers, you go 1-on-1 with Michael LeJeune to talk about the 2021 Infrastructure Bill. This episode is a break down of the bill. Some of the key points: 1. Yes, this is $1.2T...BUT...that's over 5 fiscal years. FY22-26. This really means that it's approximately $240B per fiscal year. 2. A lot of these programs establish brand new offices under agencies and new programs under existing agencies. They give agencies up to 6 months to establish the new offices and programs. We are 2 months into the fiscal year. 6 months from now is the beginning of GovCon Q4. So expect FY22 Q4 to be where the bulk of FY22 money (For this bill) is spent. Q4 is going to be crazier than usual. 3. When reviewing a new program, pay close attention to the office managing it. There were several programs that I expected to be run by DOT that are going to be managed by the Dept. of Commerce. 4. Find program names and use those for future searches in SAM. You will waste your time searching "infrastructure bill" since most of this money is going to be spent under one of the 200+ programs in the bill. 5. Be patient. I would hold off until at least January before you start bugging contracting officers about this. New offices and new programs mean that they don't have answers to your questions yet. Give them a little breathing room. BUT...educate yourself on things between now and then so you can start conversations early in calendar year 2022. ----- Federal Access is helping Government Contractors win more contracts. It can help you too. Here's a special offer. Visit today and get started for just $29. *You are going to get access to a digital copy of the Government Sales Manual. * Over 85 strategy videos * More than 30 webinars * 300 documents and templates AND * SME support. So when you run into an issue, you can email me directly for help. Go check out this special offer today at

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