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Feisty But Friendly

Feisty But Friendly

Welcome to FWFtalks, created for FWF2020 with the support of the Besen Family Foundation. In this episode, Feisty But Friendly, First Nations community organiser and filmmaker Tarneen Onus-Williams and academic Akane Kanai talk with broadcaster Beverley Wang about argument with a resolution of care. Reading Notes Tarneen Onus-Willams and Invasion Day  Amelie Wen Zhao controversy Chandra Mohantay: feminist academic Some other reading suggestions from our podcasters. Feminist Writers Festival feministwritersfestival.com FB: @feministwritersfest Insta/Twitter: @FemWritersFest Speakers Akane Kanai: Tw: @Akane_Kanai Beverly Wang: Tw @beverleywang, Insta @beverley.wang, beverleywang.com Tarneen Onus-Williams: Tw @Tarneen Shout Outs Kel Butler from Listen Up Podcasting for editing and pod mentoring. The Besen Family Foundation for vital funding support. We acknowledge that this recording took place across Australia on First Nations lands - lands whose sovereignty has never been ceded. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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