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Future Human Visionaries #9 — Ken Arnold on the ‘post-institutional’ museum

Future Human Visionaries #9 — Ken Arnold on the ‘post-institutional’ museum

Welcome to Visionaries, a podcast dedicated to futurological thinkers brought to you by Future Human and the V&A. We seek out people who are reimagining innovation in their field and ask them to apply their intelligence to emerging trends. Ken Arnold is the head of Public Programmes at the Wellcome Collection, a world renowned museum that explores ideas connecting medicine, art and everyday life. As the principal manager of their public exhibitions, he describes the changing role of the museum amid a culture that is increasingly shaped by new digital technologies and services. Will the ‘post-institutional’ museum curate expertise instead of artefacts? And might cultural institutions that help us understand our past evolve into public theatres for the futurological visions of artists and scientists? Presented by Jack Gwilym Roberts.

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