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Future Fit - Driving Innovation - Interview with Dave Duarte

Future Fit - Driving Innovation - Interview with Dave Duarte

Improved productivity and competitiveness, reduced costs and improved profitability. These are some of the benefits of innovation. But if the benefits of innovation are so evident, why aren’t all companies innovating? In this interview Mike chats to Dave Duarte, one of The World Economic Forum's Young Global Leaders. Dave is a speaker, entrepreneur, and impact marketer. From inspiring world leaders at Davos through to building social movements in line with the United Nations Global Goals, Dave has experienced the best and worst of organisations trying to innovate in a rapidly changing world. In this episode Dave shares a framework he has implemented successfully called PARTS (People, Artefacts, Rituals, Tools and Stories), which Future Fit leaders can adopt to start developing an innovation culture within their organisations, as opposed to just being innovative on an ad hoc basis.

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