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Episode 7 - Who Dares Wins Part 1

Episode 7 - Who Dares Wins Part 1

This episode is about the origins of the SAS in the African theatre of WW2. It's a two parter, with the first section featuring the founder of the regiment, Lieutenant Colonel David Stirling. Stirling was a privileged, quasi aristocratic young man that managed to get himself in command of one of the roughest units in the British armed forces.  Episode marked as explicit due to violence. Episode notes: I made a boo boo that I didn't pick up until I finished editing. In British English 'lieutenant'  is pronounced LEFFtenant not LOOtenant. Completely forgot that until I'd finished. Main Sources for this episode are: The Regiment - Michael Asher Rogue Warrior of the SAS - Roy Bradford & Martin Dillon The Phantom Major - Virginia Cowles

Duration: 1 hr 13 min

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