Dr. Scott Mills

Full Body Fix Radio

Eliminate Pain & Improve the Way You Move

Eliminate Pain & Improve the Way You Move

Episodes: 100


#105. Farewell, For Now

Duration: 16 min

#104 Keto Quick Start with Diane Sanfilippo

Duration: 48 min

#103. Maui Recap & Eating Well While Traveling

Duration: 24 min

#102. Hand Held Soft Tissue Devices

Duration: 20 min

#100. Ask Me Anything

Duration: 44 min

#99. Iron Grace with Courtney Roselle

Duration: 42 min

#98. My First Powerlifting Competition

Duration: 20 min

#97. The Run Experience with Nate Helming

Duration: 47 min

#96. The Myth of Safe Exercise

Duration: 15 min

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