FTFTV Podcast #7 - Peter Baumgarten

FTFTV Podcast #7 - Peter Baumgarten

Joining us in this episode of Fuel the Fire TV Podcast is Peter Baumgarten, a talented landscape, wildlife and astrophotographer, of creative island photography. Now teaching at Nipissing University every summer, Peter talks about his teaching experiences and shares his story of his first teaching gig at Slate Falls in 1987. Tune into this episode to learn more about Peter's devotion to photography, how he brought his passion into his workplace, what his vision and thought process is behind his photographs, as well as the value of paying it forward. Hard work pays off when you fuel your fire. Always Remember To Fuel Your Passion, Fuel The Fire! To see some of Peter's work, click on the link below! Also, check out @creativeislandphoto on instagram. Creative Island Photography Website: https://www.creativeislandphoto.com/ Watch this episode on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hzbgx_lmN84&list=PLrO9YxS1bec9KvZ06I32qLDJExSz_sINW&index=7

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