Deepthi Vinod

Freshworks, the Eternal Startup

Freshworks, the Eternal Startup

Silo Mentality - two words that are loud enough to cause panic in most corporates. As one scales up from a startup, how does a company break the silo within different teams? How do we embrace a simple yet effective agile framework? In this Episode of Freshtalks, our Senior VP of Engineering STS. Prasad talks to us on how at Freshworks large teams work like a startup and deliver world-class products to our customers. We dig deep and talk about the Freshwave model - An inhouse initiative to help/support our engineering teams. This agile Framework consistently helps us deliver ‘WoW’ moments to our customers and helped build a solid foundation for our engineering teams. If you are someone who is an engineer, a business who is just about to scale up or someone with a keen interest in the SaaS industry, this episode is for you.

Duration: 19 min

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