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oNAIR - Episode 8: The Wonderful Wizard of FREAKS

oNAIR - Episode 8: The Wonderful Wizard of FREAKS

Meet the man behind the curtain! On this weeks episode of oNAIR, Big Pink and DairBair are joined by the head honcho of FREAKS himself. Joey joins the pod to talk about being a Free Play community liaison, running smash tournaments, the old days at the FREAKS shop and much much more. You won’t wanna miss this deep dive into how Smash got started at Free Play. This is oNAIR, part of the Free Play podcast network! ------------- Music by Andoren - ------------- Freaks at Free Play Smash Ultimate Tournaments:   Tuesdays at Free Play Denton    Thursdays at Free Play Richardson    Side Bracket 7pm     Singles at 8pm ------------- Related links All Free Play Podcasts - Official Free Play site - Free Play Arcade Community Group - General Podcast Inquiries - --- Send in a voice message:

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