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A Conversation, About THE Conversations, That We All Need to be Having...

A Conversation, About THE Conversations, That We All Need to be Having...

Michael Stone and I are best of friends, with many things in common… but then too,  there are many things about each of us, that the other can’t possibly experience directly... Like playing football for 7 years in the NFL.  I will never know what that experience feels like…  and that’s just the tip of the iceberg… Michael is African American, he is a single parent... and not just any single parent, but a single parent raising 4 boys..  between the ages of 8 and 17.  So, as much as we share in common, Michael and I do have some different perceptions of things too, it would be impossible for us not to…  Those differences notwithstanding, we have something else going for us too.  Something, that none of this current day anger can wrest away from either of us.  Michael and I share mutual respect, trust and honor for the relationship that we’ve shared over time and we share a bond of common purpose.  My hope is that you will take our conversation today as an example, of what you too, can and should be doing with members of your own teams, with your franchisees, your suppliers and anyone else with whom you share lots in common, but can never really appreciate some of those differences in your lives, without hashing them out openly, honestly and with respect, for one another’s points of view.  It's Michael Stone back, today on Franchise Today.

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