Fourth Floor

Episode 6

Episode 6

Black Lives Matter. In the opening section we discussed all the social events that have occurred over the past couple weeks, including the continuous protests worldwide, and the revolutionary Bristolians. We briefly touched on our thoughts regarding statues being taken down and T*mmy R*binson's crew heading to central London. We also discussed Churchill's statue being vandalised, as well as touching on the atrocities that are happening in the US. We gave our thoughts on the horrific Yemeni Crisis and discussed the progress that is occurring as a result of the multiple petitions. BEETHOVEN IS A BLACK MUSLIM! This was great news for all three of us.Our next section was all about football and the return of the premier league in a huge week for English football as Arsenal got annihilated by Man City and we gave our predictions for the big game on Friday, as well as our predicted XI.To close we discussed new music and the innovative Pop Smoke.

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