Fourth Floor

Episode 5

Episode 5

Black Lives Matter. We began with discussing Ethan's day at the BLM London protest and the wider unprecedented nature of these protests, looting, and international solidarity seen in the last week. We explored the nature of activism, from #BlackoutTuesday to petitions. How do we change? Reform the school curriculum to teach Colonial history? Is the looting a crisis of the Neoliberal doctrine and Western democracy? We finish with discussion on their implications for Covid-19 and performative company statements.Our next section discusses Jeffrey Epstein in light of the new Netflix documentary and return of ANONYMOUS who came through with some big leaks! Epstein's Black Book, Trump implicated? And surely not Naomi Campbell too?! Also, Whats this Maddie Mcann news?Our final section is brief as we run through music - focusing on a Chip v Stormzy 'beef' - and football, discussing who we think will get relegated.

Duration: 1 hr 3 min

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