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ESHIP Communities Bonus Episode Part 1

ESHIP Communities Bonus Episode Part 1

Welcome to the ESHIP Communities bonus episode of Forging Forward, the official podcast for Forward Cities. Funded by the Kauffman Foundation, ESHIP Communities exists to explore pathways to build inclusive, sustainable entrepreneur-centric economies; providing people with ideas, the connections, tools, and support needed to be successful. Forward Cities has four ESHIP communities across the country including - ESHIP Rio Grande in  New Mexico,  ESHIP Long Beach in- CA, ESHIP Kansas City in KS and MO; and ESHIP Baltimore in MD. In this two-part series, we’ll listen in on conversations centered around specific areas of focus for each community. In Episode Part 1, we start off with ESHIP Rio Grande in New Mexico where food security is a top priority and concern. ESHIP Rio Grande’s work is focused across a geographic area that includes Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Los Alamos, and Española. Listen as Lucy Foma, Santa Fe County Senior Planner, and Christina Rogers, Executive Director of Barelas Community Coalition, discuss food-systems planning, local support, and the COVID-19 impact. In the second half of our episode, ESHIP Long Beach Local Director Laura Merryfield speaks with Centro CHA staff, Jessica Quintana and Josephina Cruz-Molina. Centro CHA is the Long Beach Community Hispanic Association whose mission is to increase the source of quality programs and services that are dedicated to improving the social and economic development of low-income youth and families in Long Beach. We hope you’re inspired to learn more about ESHIP Communities, ESHIP Rio Grande, and ESHIP Long Beach!

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