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E3 Network in Pittsburgh, PA

E3 Network in Pittsburgh, PA

How can cities gather diverse cross-sector stakeholders to inform the process of entrepreneurial ecosystem building? Community Entrepreneur Accelerator (CEA) Communities are focused on entrepreneurial support, placing an equity lens on entrepreneurial ecosystem building to ensure more access to resources was available to those with fundamentally sound business ideas. Three leaders who are active in Pittsburgh's entrepreneurial ecosystem share insight into the work that has been done and what lies ahead. E3 Network Champion and Executive Director of the Riverside Center for Innovation Jaun Garrett   Forward Cities Resource Navigator and owner of The Minority Networking Exchange and CKV Suites (Coworking & Event Space) Vernard Alexander New Forward Cities Resource Navigator and CEO of Cocoapreneur and Co-Founder of Greenwood Week Khamil Scantling  To learn more about CEA Communities visit

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