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Valencia CF Interview with Peña VCF USA President Armando Espinal

Valencia CF Interview with Peña VCF USA President Armando Espinal

In this episode we're discussing football in Spain's third city; The beautiful port city of Valencia. Valencia has long been one of Spain's most sucesfull and popular clubs. However, how much do you really know about the club? We spoke with Armando Espinal a  Valencia CF  expert and president of the first Valencia CF Club in the U.S. Armando gives us some background about how he became a fan of the club and how the club formed. The organization has head immense collaboration with the club and the club has reciprocated that passion. In addition to that we look back at some of Valencias history and the current ownership of Peter Lim and what that means for the club. We also discuss the up and coming rivalry of VCF and Villarreal and their battle for supremacy of the Valencia Community. We even about Valencia's famous academy. So if you are interested in football and football derbies you have found the right spot. Let us know what derby we should discuss next!! Background:  We are the premier global football podcast that seeks to take you on a journey around the world through football. For engaging interviews and posts check us out on Facebook @foreignfootballpod and Instagram @foreignfootballpod and don't forget to LIKE, COMMENT AND SHARE THIS EPISODE AND MORE!!!! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

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