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S3/ Ep4: Voice Notes to Self (part 1)

S3/ Ep4: Voice Notes to Self (part 1)

Voice Notes to Self (part 1): In response to the many news articles written about women during the pandemic and inspired by Jah9's song "Note to Self", this episode is here to intentionally record and amplify women's uncensored experiences over the last year. Women have been doing an unequal share of the work of caring for family members, schooling children, keeping house, and nursing patients back to health, all while appearing composed and full of grace. What a difficult facade to keep up all of the time. Recognizing this as a woman myself, I offer this episode as a space for women to be heard, for you to listen, and a space that will hopefully encourage you to check in on yourself and the women and girls that you love. This episode listens to women who have been navigating, coping, and surviving a global pandemic. As you listen to S3/ Ep4 and S3/ Ep5, please hear their voices with an open heart and find yourself amongst their stories.  Thank you to the women who shared their voice notes: Desiree Campbell, Merissa Collins, Naita Semaj Williams, Anita Baksh, and Elizabeth Todd Breland. And thank you to the music makers whose songs have been my balm. Enjoy their songs on Spotify or wherever you stream/ purchase music: Jah9 feat Chronixx "Note to Self", Runkus feat Naomi Cowan "Everybody Going Live", Aminah Rose "Who Knew", Hugh feat Bonjay "Walk It Off", and Lila Ike "Where I'm Coming From." All of the music featured on this episode was released between March 2020 and March 2021, year one of the coronavirus global pandemic. Listen deeply.  Please click here for more information about the non-profit survivor-centered gender justice organization the Jahajee Sisters.

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