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Ep 17 - The Exo Stranger

Ep 17 - The Exo Stranger

Episode 17 brings Blue, Justin, Willy, and our friend from Planet Destiny's own lore team, Mike S. together to explore the available information we have on the Exo Stranger (the same topic that started this whole dive into spinfoil-filled darkness). While there, at first, seems to be a lot left unknown about the Exo Stranger, the chat begins to dig into the meat of what pieces we do have access to...and what that information begins to unveil about this enigmatic character within the Destiny universe. Fair warning, there is also the revelation of Willy's strong anti tiger-people feelings (or even...a potential aversion to the anthropomorphic animal characters in general) and quite a bit of delving into the wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey nature of some of the ideas/concepts that the Exo Stranger forces players to address.  As usual, please let us know any feedback you have by or any questions that you might want us to start considering for our upcoming Lore 101 series by emailing us at or on twitter @FocusedFireChat. Thank you again for giving our ramblings a listen! Also, be sure to jump over to iTunes if you feel more comfortable using that site to access the podcast (link is now available in the side widget to the left) to get access to our episodes and give us a quick review there. We are also now available on the Destiny Community Hub app, if you use that app or would like to have quick access to a wide range of various informational sources on Destiny! Mike S on Twitter

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