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FBR #47: Achieve Fitness

FBR #47: Achieve Fitness

Jason and Lauren co-founded Achieve Fitness, a gym in Somerville, MA with a mission to bring inclusivity and positive vibes to the fitness space. Alongside their incredible team, they've built a facility where the emphasis is on making people feel welcome, comfortable, and supported by the coaches and the community.   In the last year, Lauren and Jason had a baby, and founded two more companies, AchieveMentors and AchieveOnline. AchieveMentors is a mentorship platform for up and coming personal trainers who are looking for guidance, support, and opportunities for growth in the health and fitness field. AchieveOnline is a platform for online workout programs, where folks from all over the world have access to either pre-set or individualized workout programs written by the Achieve Fitness program design team!   Links: Achieve Fitness Achieve Mentors Achieve Online Instagram   TrueCoach: #1 App for Personal Trainers who want manage more clients in less time. 25% off your first month 14 Day Trial, NO CREDIT CARD NECESSARY Promo Code: Fitness Break Room Onnit: Total Human Optimization 10% off your purchase Promo Code: FitnessBreakRoom      

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