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Rule #1: DON'T Talk about “Fight House” - Tevi Troy #4675

Rule #1: DON'T Talk about “Fight House” - Tevi Troy #4675

Cutthroat White House Rivalries Didn’t Start with Trump  “The White House is a dignified seat of government, but it is also bullpen, cockfight, and viper nest…. Fight House is a fast read, full of both gossip and deep insight” —Amity Shales, author of Great Society: A New History Washington, D.C.—President Trump’s White House is famously tumultuous, but don’t be fooled—the White House has long been a “fight house.”  Former White House staffer and presidential historian Tevi Troy unveils infamous brawls in Fight House: Rivalries in the White House from Truman to Trump gives readers ringside seats to the dramatic clashes within both Republican and Democratic administrations as their heavyweight personalities went head-to-head. Troy packs a punch as he unfolds the juiciest, nastiest, and most consequential administration rivalries in modern American history. From the presidency of Harry S. Truman—when the modern White House staff took shape—to Donald Trump’s, the White House has always been filled with ambitious people playing for the highest stakes and bearing bitter grudges. Fight House pulls back the curtain on presidents and staffers duking it out over their differences. You’ll read how: ·       The gender and age divide disrupted the “No Drama Obama” administration ·       The revolving door of Trump’s White House staff is not without precedent ·       Kennedy’s “Camelot” was a nest of vipers ·       Dr. Henry Kissinger displaced other national security advisers to gain President Richard Nixon’s ear ·       The contrasting management styles of President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan led to epic White House staff clashes ·       Lyndon B. Johnson ran his White House with an iron fist to prevent leaks, sowing discord among the staff Entertaining and insightful, both sides of the aisle can laugh and learn from these presidential rivalries.

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