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Episode 10 - Richard Vialet, DP

Episode 10 - Richard Vialet, DP

Richard Vialet, one of the DP of the new Starz series, P-Valley, joins the Film Crew Love Podcast. Richard discusses: His initial interest, and subsequent apprehension with #PValley, his reflection and realization on what ultimately excited him. The culture and vibe of his sets, and being diligent regarding the male gaze on a strip club set. His collaborative process with Tyler Perry's equally rewarding and demanding shooting style. How he prioritizes story, seeks cinematographic challenges, and how that lines up with his biggest fear. His future plans, and what project he missed out on that made him decide to take every meeting. Also his underrated, overrated, and properly rated. DP Richard Vialet. All Film.  All Crew. All Love.

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