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Author's Notes: On Kirk/Spock’s Longevity with museawayfic

Author's Notes: On Kirk/Spock’s Longevity with museawayfic

Fanthology sits down to discuss Kirk/Spock with the hardest working woman in fandom. Muse discusses the history of Kirk/Spock and the secret to the pairing's longevity in this hilarious minisode.museawayfic has been an active and passionate participant in fandoms for years. From Star Trek to Supernatural to Mo Dao Zu Shi, she has founded a variety of fan community-based challenges and events to celebrate everything fandom.  She has written over 135 fanworks in 10 different fandoms. She founded and moderates #ficwip, a Twitter chat for fic authors in any fandom to share an excerpt from something they’re working on.Mentioned in this episode:T'hy'la BangDean/Cas TropefestStar Trek: The Motion Picture novelization by Gene Roddenberry (see also: The Roddenberry Footnote)#ficwipFind her on Twitter, Tumblr, AO3, and Instagram

Duration: 25 min

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