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To quote Dr. Evil,

To quote Dr. Evil, "The details of our lives are quite inconsequential." What's important is that we like fantasy, as it applies to the genre and the game derived from baseball statistics. We also enjoy developing analytical and computational “tools” for supporting the latter habit. Our goal is to share our fantasy baseball tools with a little help from the fantasy genre for context, allusion, and (fire and) ice breaking. In doing so, we hope to broaden the way our audience approaches fantasy baseball. Our podcast presents our methods to the public in the spirit of OpenSource - through freely helping others we promote active conversation that improves our tools.

Episodes: 200


Episode 4.32 - Let the data do the talking

Duration: 24 min

Episode 4.30 - Force to be Reckoned

Duration: 30 min

Episode 4.29 - Closers are Avocados

Duration: 28 min

Episode 4.28 - Hitting Their Stride

Duration: 22 min

Episode 4.27 - Ending Has Been Choreographed

Duration: 32 min

Episode 4.26 - Badly Determined

Duration: 31 min

Episode 4.25 - Always Tinkering

Duration: 30 min

Episode 4.24 - Outcome is a Boolean

Duration: 28 min

Episode 4.23 - Caveats

Duration: 30 min

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