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Episode #13 - Real Estate Mavens: Leslie Ferguson, Heather Regan, Tiffany McIntosh

Episode #13 - Real Estate Mavens: Leslie Ferguson, Heather Regan, Tiffany McIntosh

To Rent or To Buy? Millennials wrestle with this decision more than any past generation, especially as student loans and stagnant wages have delayed the home-buying process substantially. In this episode, we tackle this question and many others with the help of three Real Estate Mavens: Leslie Ferguson, Heather Regan, and Tiffany McIntosh. What differences have you seen between Millennials looking for housing vs. Gen X or Baby Boomers looking for housing when they were in their 20s-30s? How has the housing market changed over time? How does your credit score play into the home buying or apartment renting process? Where should a Millennial start when it comes to purchasing a home? What are a few key first steps and pitfalls to avoid? How do taxes factor in to owning a home?  What are hidden costs/fees that a first-time home buyer might not know about? What questions should someone ask a real estate agent to make sure they’ll be a good fit? Don't forget to subscribe and leave a review! XOXO Face The Fear Website: https://www.facethefearfw.com Contact Us: facethefearfw@gmail.com Our Guests: LESLIE FERGUSON REALTOR® 260.312.8294 leslieferguson@kw.com HEATHER REGAN REALTOR® 260.615.2570 heatherregan@kw.com reganfergusongroup.com TIFFANY MCINTOSH Mortage Loan Officer  260.497.8685 Tiffany.McIntosh@53.com https://secure.53.com/mlo/app/mlosite/tiffanymcintosh

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