Find Eric Langlois

Find Eric Langlois

"When you go through something like that you live differently because literally anything can happen at any moment, any day...I am lucky and happy and grateful to be alive. To wake up every day. Not everybody gets to do that." Amber Langlois was two months pregnant with two young children when her husband Eric Langlois, 33, of New Milford, went missing after a tragic fall off a cliff in Lovers Leap State Park on June 11, 2013. A massive search party, mostly coordinated by local volunteers from all over the New England area went on for a week before his body was found in Lake Lillinonah on June 18, 2016. Eric was a big part of my life as well. He was a good friend, and my business had recently acquired his photography business so that he could focus on what he loved most: creating beautiful photographs for his clients. His humor would make you blush, his photography style was unmistakeable and his love for his wife and children absolutely unmatched. Hie death left a giant hole in our wedding industry community in Connecticut, that will never, ever be filled. Thank you to ABC News for their news clip, and to my son Jackson who plays the music in the beginning and end of the podcast. Check out EyesUpHeartOpen.com for more information, pictures and news links.

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