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Ep. 7: All About True Crime

Ep. 7: All About True Crime

Today we talk about the famous genre in pop culture: true crime! We have a lot to uncover from Netflix shows to podcasts to a very significant book in the history of catching a killer in decades old unsolved crime.  WATCH 1. CRIMINAL NETFLIX  - UK 🧃 - GERMANY 🧃 - FRANCE 🧃 - SPAIN 🧃 2. MINDHUNTER 🧃 LISTEN 1. CRIMINAL (RADIOTOPIA) 🧃 2. DARK NET DIARIES (HOST: JACK RHYSIDER) 🧃 3. SMALL TOWN DICKS (HOST: Yardley smith the voice of Lisa Simpson) 🧃 4. MY FAVOURITE MURDER 🧃 5. CRIME JUNKIE 🧃 6. BREAK IN THE CASE (NYPD) 🧃 READ 1. I’LL BE GONE IN THE DARK 🧃 IMPORTANT NOTE: We’re doing this so more people can cope with staying  home, because staying home and staying healthy to #flattenthecurve is  the only way we can together address this together as regular people.  Please wash your hands, stay home, and take care!

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