The Basics

The Basics

Namaste my lovely beauties! This podcast covers everything within the basics! We’re first going to discuss the background of hoodoo voodoo! We’re going to break down what it is the characteristics and a little history. The elements covered after are: crossing & uncrossing, foot track Magick, floor washes, laying tricks, spiritual baths & alters! Excuse my stuttering, this is the first podcast ever, I’m super excited to discuss these topics with you guys, grow together, help each other & spread this knowledge. Hoodoo tends to get a negative light but I’m here to break those false tales. I’m NO expert, & I’m still learning.. I’m just here to share what I have learned, experienced & know about. Bare with me and I thank you in advance. Information obtained from author Denise Alvarado. Bomb books and my number one instructor without her knowing!

Duration: 28 min

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