The Wishing Well

Ep 4: Career paths & happiness with Rabab Saleem

Ep 4: Career paths & happiness with Rabab Saleem

In most of the Pakistani schools we don’t have career counselors who can help you. Teens take a lot of stress and are unable to perform well during the admission test, they don't know what they want to study or they end up following their friends and take up courses they are taking. In this episode we have Rabab Saleem, a young engineer and employee who has had similar experiences and went through a nervous breakdown during the admission process. Listen to this podcast to know how it all worked out for her. About the host: Jabeen Qadri is a 28 year-old illustrator from Karachi, Pakistan who's been living with bipolar disorder. Now she shares her coping mechanisms with the world through her writing, art and her venture, The Wishing Well. Do you have a story of recovery and self-discovery to share? Email us at

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