The Wishing Well

Ep 3: Blogging, routines & writing with Humna Raza

Ep 3: Blogging, routines & writing with Humna Raza

Blogging culture is becoming immensely popular and a lot of bloggers manage different platforms together with their regualr work lives and businesses and it can get really hectic. In this episode we have Humna Raza, who is a content creator as well as business owner and dentist. We will talk about the struggles of juggling different things together and using writing for healing. Humna shares her incredible tips and perspectives for a healthy mind. About the host: Jabeen Qadri is a 27 year-old illustrator from Karachi, Pakistan who's been living with bipolar disorder. Now she shares her coping mechanisms with the world through her writing, art and her venture, The Wishing Well.

Duration: 24 min

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