The Wishing Well

Ep 2: Momhood, society & community with Qurat Sheikh

Ep 2: Momhood, society & community with Qurat Sheikh

Postpartum depression isn’t commonly discussed in the world, and especially not in a country like Pakistan. Qurat Sheikh talks about her everyday mental health issues being a mom, her past issues with postpartum depression and how she used crochet art and crafting to come out of it and eventually started her community for postpartum support, Glimmer of Hope. She talks about society and how we need to be empathetic towards moms. About the host: Jabeen Qadri is a 28 year-old illustrator from Karachi, Pakistan who's been living with bipolar disorder. Now she shares her coping mechanisms with the world through her writing, art and her venture, The Wishing Well. Do you have a story of recovery and self-discovery to share? Email us at

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