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S2 Ep. 8 "SW Career Series: Mental Health Tech"

S2 Ep. 8 "SW Career Series: Mental Health Tech"

Everybody, Relax…..A lifestyle podcast dedicated to helping folks deal with Life, Stress and Mental Health. Facilitated by Trey who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, who attempts to spark healing via creativity. Trey blends his clinical expertise with real world experience for a unique, down to earth conversation. So relax, take a deep breath, we’re going to get through this thing called life together. In this episode, on the SW Career Series, Trey discusses his time working as a Mental Health Technician in a Psychiatric Hospital. He discussed the role psych hospitals play in mental health care and serious mental illness. He discussed different techniques and tools that have guided him as a clinician and professional. Make sure to check it out!! Need a licensed speaker or facilitator? https://www.uphold318.com/swconsult Make sure to subscribe, like, share and comment with your thoughts!! When listening and sharing use #EverybodyRelax #RefreshVA, to let us know you are listening! Visit our website at www.uphold318.com

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