Episode 7: Cissy Chan

Episode 7: Cissy Chan

Are you adventurous and brave? If so, you would LOVE our feature leader this week. Cissy Chan (my awesome sister!!!) volunteered as the 9th grade girls leader last year and went to Passion Camp with us. She recently relocated to another country in Asia as a missionary, but we recorded this when she was visiting us earlier this year. In this episode, she shares openly about her journey of walking out the true calling and passion of her life, the ups and downs and the whole works. Her story is anything but normal, and her courage to follow God wherever He calls is such an inspiration to us all. Tune in, have a listen, and show her some love at Cissy Chan on FB or @powerintruth on IG! ... Listen & Subscribe on Apple Podcast (iTunes) or Google Podcast every MONDAY! ...

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