Episode 6: Mr. B (Bruce Bemiss)

Episode 6: Mr. B (Bruce Bemiss)

Remember Sweet T from Episode 1? This week, we get to hear from Mr. B (Bruce Bemiss), none other than Sweet T's amazing husband and our 7th grade boys leader! It literally took Joe and I a full year to convince him that he would be a great student leader. From veteran firefighter to Macarena dancer to Jesus follower, Mr. B brings so much life experience, depth and grace to our team. His faith in God is so real and he shares it with those around him with no pretense at all. We are so lucky to have him and I'm sure our 7th grade (soon to be 8th!) boys would all say the same. As you listen to this episode this week, may I ask that you keep Mr. B and Sweet T in prayer? Mr. B is due to start another vigorous round of treatment for the cancer in his body starting next week for 6 weeks. Let's go to Jesus on his behalf and contend for full healing and recovery, for Jesus is bigger than cancer. We love you, Mr. B!!! Listen and SUBSCRIBE on: Apple Podcasts (iTunes) or Google Play 

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