Jimmy Failla - comic, pundit, author, trophy husband

Everybody Calm Down

Jimmy Failla, Head Writer for

Jimmy Failla, Head Writer for "Kennedy" on Fox Business, star of "State of the Union" on Amazon Prime, hosts the biggest names in entertainment and politics in a daily show that's best described as "a celebration of our unique American privilege." Each episode functions as an audio safe space where people of all political persuasions can disagree and still get along - just like they did before Social Media turned us into a bunch of fat screaming children.

Episodes: 55


Podcasts Are For Lovers

Duration: 56 min

Peleton Protests Are For Idiots

Duration: 50 min

The Grover Cleveland Of Cable News

Duration: 47 min

Gentleman’s Comedy Club

Duration: 39 min

Cocaine Santa

Duration: 44 min

The People Vs Late Night Comedy

Duration: 45 min

Chris Barron 2020

Duration: 38 min

Storming The Beach Of Comedy

Duration: 43 min

It Happened At Umberto's

Duration: 42 min

Jenny Failla's Thanksgiving Day Spectacular

Duration: 58 min

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