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012: The Chocolate Bar For All Health Conscious Chocoholics with Jake Karls

012: The Chocolate Bar For All Health Conscious Chocoholics with Jake Karls

“We choose quality and integrity on the product over price points because we knew that chocolate lovers wanted more than just chocolate.” -Jake Karls Episode Description: Chocolate and its comforting heavenly taste, the way it melts in your mouth, and how it makes your day- How can a treat be so good! This week, Justine speaks to Jake Karls, the Co-Founder of Mid-Day Square, the birthplace of the first-ever functional chocolate! Jake shares their bitter-sweet journey in creating a better-for-you chocolate. But what if you are diabetic? Discover what makes it MORE than chocolate and why doctors recommend this chocolate bar to their patients. Jake also shares product development and business-building strategies to help you connect with your consumers and become more resilient. Before you run for a bar from your stash of goodies, listen as Jake shares how you can get a discount on your purchase of this super chocolate.     Connect with Justine:  Website Facebook Instagram LinkedIn   Connect with NextGenChef: Website  Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  YouTube NextGenChef App Episode Highlights: 03:23 More Than Chocolate 07:20 Play to Your Strengths 10:42 A Functional Chocolate 15:08 What If You Are Diabetic?  20:06 Why Document Your Journey 22:07 Go for the Offense 25:41 How to Connect to Your Consumers 29:36 Get Above Results  

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