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#9: Kathryn Oliver of Joey Restaurant Group

#9: Kathryn Oliver of Joey Restaurant Group

Kathryn Oliver invites Marj up to the 24th floor of Joey Restaurant Group’s head office in Vancouver BC to discuss both how Kathryn has supported creating a coaching culture at Joey’s as well as her personal journey with coaching.Kathryn OliverAs the former Manager of Training and Development for the JOEY Restaurant Group, Kathryn worked with the company through exciting growth, as it doubled in size and reached 5000 employees across North America. Kathryn’s expertise lies in the hospitality industry, including over 7 years experience in leadership development. In Kathryn’s experience, Coaching has been the access point to stronger relationships, higher levels of organizational performance, and is arguably, one of the best tools available for unleashing potential in others.Upon completing her MBA in 2019, Kathryn moved to London, England, to gain further experience in a global market and to continue her career in People Development. Kathryn continues to be inspired by organizations with fast paced and technical environments. About Joey Restaurant Group:Like most of JOEY management, CEO Jeff Fuller started his remarkable journey flipping burgers, washing dishes and sweeping floors. It’s called paying your dues, learning from the ground up and understanding what success takes. “If there’s a secret,” he says, “it’s hard work, unwavering commitment to the customer and assembling the very best people.” Jeff absorbed valuable lessons from his family’s successful businesses before striking out on his own with a brand new concept in upscale casual restaurants. The first JOEY opened in 1992 and, as word spread, plans for a second location were quickly in the works. Today there are JOEY Restaurants across Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Seattle and California. Our model isn’t to repeat formulas but create spaces perfectly suited to the locale and its clientele. Each JOEY restaurant is unique, but they all have plenty in common: great food, lively environments, exceptional dining experiences.Essential Impact’s coaching initiative with JOEY Restaurant Group began in 2008 when they identified the need to develop leaders. The turnover rate was more than 200%, while a rapidly expanding market was projected to grow 30% over the next three years. Since putting the coaching program in place, JOEY Restaurant Group has been recognized for five consecutive years as one of Canada’s greatest places to work and received an International Coach Federation Global Prism award for excellence in coaching.Links and Resources:

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