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#10 Coaching on the Downtown Eastside with Mission Possible's Chris Ward, Nick Tellez-Espana and Jess Ebbers

#10 Coaching on the Downtown Eastside with Mission Possible's Chris Ward, Nick Tellez-Espana and Jess Ebbers

In the spirit of giving back, we revisit one of our most unique and impactful partnerships, Mission Possible, to explore how they have strategically integrated coaching into their employment readiness program to support those who are marginalized and experiencing poverty through a transition to gainful employment. On this episode, Chris Ward, Manager of Momentum, Nicolas Tellez-Espana, Community Engagement Coordinator, and Jess Ebbers, Cohesion Specialist each join us to share their experiences and learnings using coaching on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside - one of the most poverty stricken neighbourhoods in Canada.About Mission Possible:Mission Possible is a community economic development agency in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Since 1992, Mission Possible has walked alongside people challenged by homelessness and poverty. Through its employment readiness program and social enterprises Mission Possible is transforming lives by helping people experience a renewed sense of dignity and purpose through meaningful work.Mission Possible currently runs two social enterprises, MP Maintenance and MP Neighbours, that employ an average of 70 individuals per year in transitional jobs.Links and Resources:https://www.mission-possible.ca Essential Impact PodcastThe Essential Impact Podcast is an original program hosted by MCC and Founding partner, Marj Busse. In each episode, esteemed guests join Marj to explore the world of coaching and the unique impact it has on their lives, leadership and well-being. Stay Connected!If you liked what you heard don’t forget to subscribe! The EI podcast is available on your favorite platforms.Original theme music written and performed by the Lovely Ladies of Company B Jazz Band: stamps:[1:42] Chris Ward, Manager of Momentum and Mission Possible Coach[37:34] Nicolas Tellez-Espana, Community Engagement Coordinator[53:25] Jess Ebbers, Cohesion Specialist and Mission Possible Coach

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