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Aaron Wright: The LAO – DAOs From a Legal Perspective

Aaron Wright: The LAO – DAOs From a Legal Perspective

Aaron Wright is a professor at Cardozo Law School and Co-founder of OpenLaw. Before this he was a successful entrepreneur, having sold his first company to Wikia - the for-profit version of Wikipedia. Today Aaron is a renowned thought-leader in the blockchain space at the forefront of DAOs. Last year OpenLaw launched The LAO, a DAO on Ethereum for investors looking to earn returns on Ethereum-based projects.Aaron joins us to share his expert legal knowledge on all things DAO, and discuss his latest projects the LAO and Flamingo DAO.Topics covered in this episode:Aaron's background and how he got into blockchain and the DAO spaceThe early vision for DAOsStakeholder participation in DAOsWrapped and unwrapped DAOsProxy voting on DAOsGovernance mechanismsThe multi-token modelHow DAOs are characterized under law and the legislation surrounding themThe Wyoming Blockchain BillThe different categories of DAOsWhere does Aaron see the DAO ecosystem headed in the futureEpisode links: OpenLaw websiteThe LAOMike Hearn: Autonomous agents, self driving cars and BitcoinAaron's book - Blockchain and the Law: The Rule of CodeOpenLaw on TwitterThe LAO on TwitterAaron on TwitterSponsors: 1inch: Discover the best rates and most efficient swapping routes across leading DEXes. Optimize on gas cost and execute DeFi trades faster with 1inch V2 - https://epicenter.rocks/1inchThis episode is hosted by Sebastien Couture & Friederike Ernst. Show notes and listening options: epicenter.tv/376

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