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ITBM Enterprise Agility Episode 8: Aligning to Business Outcomes

ITBM Enterprise Agility Episode 8: Aligning to Business Outcomes

In this podcast episode, listen to Andy Jordan and Jeff Moloughney discuss the importance of identifying, and aligning to, business outcomes to improve the value received from investments. Do you struggle with benefits realization? Do you know what value metrics your organization wants managed, and the sources for that information? What signals do you look at to indicate that a project has been successful? Today, you can no longer state, “We don’t know what value the project delivered – but we think it was a good idea.” Learn how agile practices can help you understand the value being delivered along with accountability. For more information on the value of tracking business outcomes, please join our next ServiceNow IT Business Management webinar scheduled for September 30. We will discuss how success comes from the right metrics, measured in the right way. To register, visit: Aligning to Business Outcomes. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

Duration: 12 min

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