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ITBM Enterprise Agility Episode 7: The Business Focused PMO – The Why

ITBM Enterprise Agility Episode 7: The Business Focused PMO – The Why

In this podcast episode, listen to Andy Jordan and Mark Price Perry discuss the importance of a business focused PMO. You will hear about key elements to ensure the organization’s enterprise agility is being supported by the PMO. It’s important to not only focus on the outputs, but also the ‘why’ regarding how a PMO should work with the leadership team in order to have the right tactics in place and first cast the business issues and challenges the PMO can serve. In doing, we can establish a strategy and set of tactics by way of people, process and tools; organization planning, and the things needed to achieve the outcome. The business focused PMO first establishes the ends to be achieved. The PMO must become more strategic to ensure the right investments are being made as a partner in the business. In this episode, listen to how Mark Price Perry juxtaposes the Mongol Empire to enterprise agility—an interesting comparison.For more information on how a business-focused PMO can empower your organization and drive business value, join our IT business management webinar. We will discuss how PMO and IT leaders can help increase business alignment, improve project predictability, and accelerate project delivery for your enterprise. To register, visit: The Business-Focused PMO. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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