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Ep. 57.1 - Parker Bratton - Program Director @ The First Tee Baltimore

Ep. 57.1 - Parker Bratton - Program Director @ The First Tee Baltimore

Welcome back to another week of the Enjoy The Walk podcast! We are so excited about this week's guest as we welcome Parker Bratton onto the show! Parker has recently taken over as the director of the First Tee Program in the greater Baltimore MD area and is already making some serious change! This is Part 1 of a two part interview with Parker as we simply had too much to talk about to pack into one episode! We tackle the why and the how of Parker's current position in life and we also begin to dive into the opportunities golf can provide not only kids in Baltimore but kids around the country with opportunities that reach far outside the game itself! It was a true honor to talk with Parker as long as we did and we hope you will all enjoy as well.  Please stay tuned as we will release part two of this interview Thursday morning. Now get out there, carry your clubs, & enjoy the walk. Then share your walks with us @enjoythewalkpod on Instagram & Twitter! If you'd like to support the podcast head over to www.enjoythewalkpod.com to check out all our latest merch & more! #enjoythewalk #enjoythewalkpod --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/enjoythewalk/support

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