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Episode 62: Shaving Yaks with Anthony Fu

Episode 62: Shaving Yaks with Anthony Fu

Key Points From This Episode: - Introducing Anthoy Fu and his contributions as a member of the core Vue team. - Anthony’s explanation of ‘yak shaving’ followed by stories of yak shaving experiences. - Yak shaving experiences of Anthony’s and why he enjoys it more than doing actual work. - Viewing yak shaving as a form of trying things out to see if they are good ideas or not. - An explanation of Vueuse, and examples of some of its Vue composition utilities. - How Anthony got involved with Vue and open source during his college days. - What Anthony is most excited about in the Vue system looking forward: Vite! - Features about Vite that Anthony is excited about and his contributions to the space. - How everybody deals with new ideas; whether they track them and act on them. - Whether the team get other people to do their yak shaving for them! - When to go down the rabbit hole or put everything on the yak burner! - This week’s picks; standing desks, yak shaving videos, and more. Tweetables: - “Yak shaving refers to attacks that leads you to perform another related attacks, and so on and so on, all detracting you from the original goal.” — @antfu7 [0:01:12] - “Vue Use is a collection of Vue composition APIs, composable functions that could be reused.” — @antfu7 [0:10:53] - “I had heard about Vue, but I didn't try it. At that time, I thought jQuery works fine, why try a new thing? Then it tried it. Yeah, after and doing a few other projects, I got obsessed with it immediately.” — @antfu7 [0:18:21] Resources Mentioned in Today’s Episode: - Anthony Fu ( - Anthony Fu on Twitter ( - Anthony Fu on GitHub ( - VueUse ( - i18n Ally ( - Vite ( - A Fly Went By ( - Ionic ( - A Short Hike ( (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch) - Anybody else's brain do this? (, Joshua Neal - Code Reviews: Honesty, Kindness, Inspiration: Pick 3 (, Jacob Stoebel (RubyConf 2017) - Dodow ( - Hal replacing a light bulb (, Malcom in the Middle - Cyberpunk 2077 ( (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Stadia) - ( - Schitt's Creek (, CBC (Netflix) - standing desks ( - Enjoy the Vue on Twitter ( - Enjoy the Vue ( Special Guest: Anthony Fu.

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