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Ninja Exercise Camp!

Ninja Exercise Camp!

Secret Ninja Excersise Camp by Sir Herbert Sneakies. Dim-witted eccentric sensei, Oscar del la Pooh La Voo teaches kids how to be a secret ninja. Hysterical interactive samurai training includes: giggling giraffee stretch, Butterfly Jacks, Crab crawl, Rocket Frog jump, Trukey Trot & Elephant walk! This has all the oohs and ahhs for kids to learn how to become a fit ninja! copyright 2021 Thank you ;) for listening & supporting the podcast with your generous donation :) to: Check out :) :)  Royal Girl  :)  Thank you!  You can Support us by giving us 5 stars or buying a book :)Subscribe to our YouTube channel: storytime Fun!  Skip Boots Big Safari Adventure - a funny animal book like Jungle Book meets Minions. Jack the Bear and Golden Hair -a fairy-tale like Snow White & Alice In Wonderland. Adventures Of Mooch the Pooch- a funny dog book like Marley and Me meets Trolls. Blueber Goober the Monster in My Closet! Monsters Inc. meets Casper the Friendly Ghost. Middle grade book series: Margaret Merlin's Journal The Battle of the Black Witch Book 1 Unleashing the Dark One Book 2 Mask of the Parallel World Book 3 Quest for the Golden Key Book 4 Copyright material 2019 Marylin Hebert 

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