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Wild Sovereign Woman with Madeline Astraia

Wild Sovereign Woman with Madeline Astraia

In this episode we dive into expressing yourself and embodying your highest self as you rapidly evolve and change, opening up space in your life, feminine leadership and letting go of hierarchy, and so much more. Madeline is such an amazing and wise soul and I feel honored to work with her as my mentor. Head over to her Instagram @wildsovereignwoman to connect with her and learn about her beautiful offerings. Madeline Astraia is the creator of Wild Sovereign Woman. It’s her mission to guide you to become the Leader, Healer, & Trailblazer you are called to be so you can confidently share your magick with the world & create the life of impact & purpose you have always dreamed of! For the last ten years she has been guiding women all over the world to discover their sacred purpose, align with their spiritual path, unique gifts & create the life they have always dreamed of with ease & flow.

Duration: 54 min

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